The Business Broker acts as an intermediary between Buyers and Sellers of businesses. He is responsible of getting both parties together and his goal is to sell businesses.

The best way to locate the function of a Business Broker is to compare him to his closest relative…. the Real Estate Broker. The work of a Real Estate Broker is to locate Sellers of houses and match them with potential Buyers. In the event that the sale is closed he earns a commission.

The Business Broker does exactly the same work of a Real Estate Broker, except that he sells businesses. Business Brokers assist business owners in preparing their business for sale, show the businesses that they have listed, prepare and deliver the documents necessary to close the deal, and assist in the closing of the business.

What are the functions of a Business Broker?
The Business Broker has as his clients business owners who wish to sell their company, and potential Buyers who wish to acquire a business.
The general functions of a Business Broker are:
  • List businesses for sale.
  • Assist the owner in the valuation of the business.
  • Gather all the information of the company and request all the documents necessary for its sale.
  • Produce a description sheet to promote the sale of the business.
  • Promote the businesses he has listed.
  • Entertain, guide, qualify and list potential Buyers.
  • Mediate in the negotiations between Buyers and Sellers.
  • Provide both parties with the professionals necessary to complete the sales transaction (Lawyers, Accountants, Fiscal attorneys, Public Notaries, etc.).
  • Guide Sellers and Buyers in order to close the sale transaction.
  • Prepare and accompany both parties until "closing day".
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