Our on-going support activities are designed so that the EMPIRE Licensee is supported and coached to be successful in their markets.

There are many and varied on-going support activities and materials that the Our Headquarters develops for our offices.

  • Generation of potential Buyers and Sellers for each EMPIRE office.

  • Expsure of your listings to the entire EMPIRE network.

  • Lists of authorized service providers.

  • Calendar of events.

  • Electronic chalkboard for communication within Offices.

  • Access to advertising and public relations material.

  • Statistics generated by the EMPIRE network.

  • Access to informative and promotional materials for the sale of new franchises.

  • Pre-opening program.

  • Continuous operative assistance.

  • Personnel training and updates on the system.

  • Development and updating of Operational Manuals.

  • Development and updating of Corporate Image.

  • Creation and development of marketing and advertising activities.

  • Production and broadcasting of press releases.

  • Creation and operation of promotional seminars.

  • Counseling and supervision visits to offices.

  • Organization of company conventions.

  • Legal assistance.

  • Financial assistance.

With all these services, EMPIRE supplies its network with all the necessary tools to generate business, operate efficiently and continue to be the undisputed leader in the business brokerage sector.

In order to get to know the secuence of events to be awarded an EMPIRE Licensee: