EMPIRE Business Brokers is a franchising corporation specialized in Business Brokerage, whose main objective is to provide services that translate into tangible benefits for the investment initiatives, expansion strategies and financing of projects of Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Franchises. 

EMPIRE Business Brokers has a varied array of materials that assist its Franchisees in establishing a rapid presence in their markets, and increase sales every month. Some of these are:

  • Website with auto-editable solutions to incorporate and edit listings of businesses and franchises.

  • Designs for Newspaper Ads.

  • Brochures.

  • Materials for Seminars.

  • Press Releases.

  • Telemarketing scripts.

  • E-mail marketing scripts.

  • Designs for promotional stands.

  • Business cards and stationary formats.


Additionally, EMPIRE continuously carries out marketing activities in order to increase its business listings, franchises and buyers. Some of these activities are:

  • Registry of the businesses we handle in our web site.

  • Promotion of our web site in the most important search engines.

  • Ads in local Newspapers.

  • Ads in Specialized Magazines.

  • Participation in Franchise Fairs.

  • Creation and broadcasting of electronic bulletins to our data base.

  • Telemarketing.

  • Seminars specializing in Business Brokerage and Franchising.

  • Participation in Entrepreneurial Chambers and Associations.

  • Public Relations activities with the media.

  • Individual presentations to buyers, business owners and franchises in our offices.

As if this wasn't enough, the EMPIRE Offices have the backing of a worldwide network of Brokers, with which they continuously exchange buyers, business and franchise prospects.

In order to get to know the secuence of events to be awarded an EMPIRE Franchise: