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The fields of business and financial brokering is interesting and lucrative. Our unique methods of operation have made us a leader in the industry, but we owe it all to the fine individuals who through their ambition and hard work helped us develop our vast network of offices.

Participation in our program is extremely cost-effective and involves minimal risk. You will have the ability to market yourself nationally and avail yourself of our 7 Profit Centers. All for just a fraction of one commission check. The national average commission earned from the sale of just one typical business, for example, is $32,400.

If you choose to pursue this opportunity and are accepted into our program, you will spend 5 days in Buffalo participating in our totally comprehensive Executive Management Training Program. We will assist you in the establishment of your office, help you in the training of your sales staff, and make you comfortable with our techniques and procedures. 

Obviously, making a career decision to enter an opportunity like this involves making a thorough investigation of all the facts. That is why you should inquire about spending a day with us in Buffalo, NY.

At our headquarters, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about Business Brokerage as a profession. You will meet our key executives, each of whom is a highly successful business broker. We will give you complete insight into our industry, answer all of your questions and discuss pros and cons of your affiliation with us. We charge you nothing for this inspection opportunity. We look forward to getting to know you.  

The fact is, we have spent more than twenty two years developing our program. You will find out why ‘Success Magazine’ has ranked us the 17th best business opportunity in the United States. EMPIRE is ranked ahead of such notable companies as: Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Kwik-Copy Printing, Budget Rent-A-Car, Ziebart Rustproofing, Fuddrucker Restaurants and Super-8 Motels. 

We are totally convinced that this is the most lucrative and prestigious career opportunity available anywhere. If you are as serious about making money as we are, call us today. We will tell you more about our program and give you further information about our current Buffalo interview schedule.   


Nick Gugliuzza 

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