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Thank you for investing your valuable time to review these materials and for allowing us the chance to tell you about an opportunity that we believe is worthy of your consideration. We feel that business brokering can be the opportunity to truly achieve "The American Dream" of owning a successful business. Nick Gugliuzza, President and founder of EMPIRE Business Brokers, recently said: "It seems like just yesterday that I began to experience the American dream. I started business brokering out of my home in 1981 and now EMPIRE Business Brokers has grown to a network of offices virtually spanning the globe."

Now let us tell you about our organization, and how EMPIRE Business Brokers can help you develop a lucrative business.


The primary purpose of EMPIRE Business Brokers is to provide a national and international service that matches buyers and sellers through our wealth of contacts in the professional, corporate and investment communities.

Our company president started brokering businesses in 1981. In 1989 he began an aggressive expansion program. The success of the expansion program has been attributed to our innovative and comprehensive five profit centers.

We have operations in and continue to look to expand in such diverse areas as: Mexico, The United States, Canada Europe. Asia and Central & South America, Africa.


A business broker is a professional executive, equipped with the knowledge to successfully complete the sale of an existing business, franchise or business opportunity. As the owner of an EMPIREBusiness Brokerage franchised office, you will be working on a daily basis with other professionals: business owners, buyers, seasoned entrepreneurs; as well as top executives in national franchise companies.

  • You will serve people from all walks of life.
  • They will come to you for help to buy or sell a business.
  • You will be their negotiator, counselor, marketer, broker, advisor and teacher.
  • You will shape many futures.
  • Your personal integrity will be supremely important.
  • You will stretch your creativity and draw on all your knowledge and experience. 
  • Every day will be fresh and every accomplishment will be sweet!


We have successfully trained people from many walks of life to become top producers and business brokers. Our success stories include CPA's, Attorneys, Bankers, former mid to high level management executives; others who have successfully operated their own businesses, and people with a high ambition to learn. For example: salesmen, consultants, administrators, and general businessmen. The bottom line? We're looking for individuals with one thing in common...Desire! People who feel that they are ready to expand their capabilities with the leader in a dynamic and growing industry will feel at home at EMPIRE Business Brokers.


BUSINESS BROKERAGE is one of the few professions that is virtually unaffected in times of recession and inflation. More people tend to move in and out of areas...more people are desirous of earning more income...many are locked into salaried positions. Their Choices? Stay and deplete savings, or use those savings as a down payment on the purchase of an existing company with net earnings more to their liking. There's an abundance of sellers, too. Interest rates affect borrowing power. Fresh money and new faces are often the answer. There are countless other scenarios but the bottom line is this: "SUCCESS FOR THE BUSINESS BROKER."


It was our company's vision to incorporate various profit centers to make your ownership in a business brokerage office an unbelievable opportunity. This allows you to address the needs of a wider, more diverse audience, and will generate higher profits for you.

Business Brokering: Most EMPIRE Business Brokers have traditionally charged commissions about twice that of real estate brokers. EMPIRE Business Broker offices tend to charge a commission between 10% and 12% of the sales price. Many offices will have a minimum fee of $10,500 to $15,000, regardless of the selling price. Most of the businesses we sell are small local businesses priced under $1,000,000. We have experience at reselling existing franchises such as Dunkin' Donuts, Aamco Transmissions, UPS., Subway, Sunoco, convenience store chains and many more. The sales price of businesses sold by EMPIRE Business Brokers range from $150 thousand dollars to over $235 million dollars.

National co-brokering capability: To broaden the sales potential of our business listings, our extensive network communicates the availability of businesses for sale through our EMPIRE Business Broker monthly newsletter as well as with recent innovations such as the INTERNET. Increased sales volume can be obtained by our capability of sharing listings with other EMPIRE Business Brokeraffiliated offices.

Each year, 2.5 million businesses, or 1 in 5 companies change hands, giving us a $360 billion market to practice in! With businesses changing hands every five years on average, you can have a healthy relationship with many past buyers and sellers assisting them in future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Financial Brokering: We help to find financial assistance for clients (buyers and sellers) to complete those sales where owner financing is not available. This allows EMPIRE office affiliates to complete business sales where our competitors are unable to do so.

To illustrate the earning potential of this profit center, let's use the example of an aircraft parts manufacturer who wanted to factor his accounts receivable. He had $200,000 of accounts receivable due from such clients as Boeing /McDonnell Douglas. One EMPIRE office affiliate charged a commission of 10% to find a financial source. This amounted to a $20,000 payday for that EMPIREowner. With the need for expansions, improvements, updating of equipment and storefronts, additional inventory, etc., you can see the profit potential in this area.

Franchise Sales: The sale of new franchises meet the needs of those buyers who desire the capability of starting a new business in the location of their choice. We have over 100 franchises that allow EMPIRE Business Broker office affiliates to find potential buyers. In return for this service, our franchisers have agreed to pay finders fees ranging from a low of $6,000 to over $100,000. The vast majority of these franchises, however, pay finder's fees ranging between $10,000 and $18,000.

Franchise Development: Most successful business owners have thought of Franchising their company at one time or another. The trouble is, they do not know what the procedure is or who to contact. That's where EMPIRE Business Broker comes in. We are able to take a locally successful business and transform them into a national franchise chain. And we can do that at a much more reasonable price than our competitors. For example:

Commission Investment: One of the sweetest rewards of owning an EMPIRE Business Brokeraffiliate office is that you can own a piece of a never ending variety of businesses that appeal to you, without ever investing a dime of your own money. For example, many of our EMPIRE Business Broker affiliated owners have invested their commission in limousine companies, campgrounds, restaurants, nightclubs, talent booking agencies, hair salons, health spas and marinas to name just a few. This concept of an ownership level, in lieu of a commission, can apply in the area of Franchise Sales as well.


Interview Published in Franchise Opportunity Journal By Michael Gugino

A relatively new profession, Business Brokering has recently made big news as a high income business. It is one that lends itself equally well to either a home based business or one that is operated from a traditional office. In addition, with proper training, it is a business that anyone can do. To help you understand this high profit business we have engaged the services of the country's foremost authority on the subject to shed some light on it. We interviewed Nick Gugliuzza, President of EMPIRE Business Broker , Inc. to find out how people are making six figure incomes. The following is our far-reaching interview with Mr. Gugliuzza:

Q : What is Business Brokerage?
A: It is when someone acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller of a business - similar to a real estate agent who sells homes, business brokers specialize in selling businesses.

Q: How large is the market?
A: It is estimated that 18% of businesses changehands each year in the U.S., 
and there are approximately $360 billion worth of businesses sold each year. That's a lot of inventory on a business brokers shelf.

Q: What is the approximate average selling price of a business?
A: One survey shows that the average selling price of a business was $305,000 and that the average commission to the broker was $30,500. This is arrived at because most brokers charge a 10% selling commission for their fee. Some brokers charge 12% and up to 15% commissions for their services.

Q: What kind of income can be attained in this profession?
A: There was a survey done by the National Business Employment Weekly approximately five years ago that shows the average Business Intermediary to be earning $152,000 per year. This publication is owned by the Wall Street Journal so I consider it a very credible publication. That survey was done some years ago and I don't think incomes have come down, in fact it makes sense that they've increased.

Q: How much competition is there in this field?
A: There are approximately 16 million businesses in the U.S. and only about 4,200 business brokers to service all that business.

Q: How did you get interested in business brokerage?
A: I read an article in a national business publication about a business broker who was making a great deal of money and who owned a piece of over one-hundred businesses. He did this by reinvesting his commissions back into the purchase of some of the businesses he had listed for sale. Both of these factors were my motivation for entering the field.

Q: Tell me more about your company, EMPIRE Business Brokers.
A: I started to broker businesses in 1981 and did very well for myself in a relatively short time and in a small market, Buffalo, N. Y. Like most entrepreneurs, I started to think about ways to expand my business. In 1989 I opened a second office in another city with a partner. This too was a success so I continued to do this all over the U.S. and Canada with other partners in each of these cities.

I attribute our success to the fact that we've developed offices into multi-profit center enterprises. For example, we have over 140 FRANCHISES and business opportunities that pay our offices commissions ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 to produce a buyer for their opportunity. Another profit center is financial brokering. Most business sellers and buyers have a need for money, whether to buy a business or to expand their present business. We can provide accounts receivable, equipment and inventory financing as well as equipment leasing. The fourth profit center is franchise development.

We have the capability of doing all the paperwork to allow a locally successful business owner to begin franchising their company nationally. We also do the franchise sales for them through our EMPIREoffice affiliates. These four profit centers have enabled EMPIRE Business Broker to be named the #1 Business Brokerage in the U.S. by such publications as Success, Franchise Times, Business Start-Ups, Income Opportunities and National Home Based Business Magazines.

Q: How can our readers learn more about EMPIRE Business Brokers?
A: They can feel free to call my office at 716-656-0258 and speak to either myself or one of our agents. We'll be happy to send them information on how they can enter this field.


Business Start Ups MAGAZINE


Tom West, regarded by many as the Father of Business Brokerage, said recently in his monthly newsletter, "THE BUSINESS BROKER":

"The company's president, [Nick Gugliuzza] has lots of business brokerage experience, and we expect big things from EMPIRE Business Broker."

President Bill Clinton at a 1995 White House Conference on Small Business:

"We know that small business is the engine that will drive us into the 21st century... You employ most of the people, create more than half of what we produce and sell, and create most of the new jobs, and we need to respond to that. Small business is the American Dream."

Business Opportunity Journal

"Nick Gugliuzza is the country's foremost authority on Business Brokerage."

Buffalo News

" EMPIRE Business Brokers becomes global operation."

An EMPIRE Business Broker Affiliate Owner:

"Of all the businesses I've owned this is the best business I've ever been involved in."

International Business Brokers Association (IBBA):

"Nicholas Gugliuzza: Featured Speaker at IBBA National Convention on the subject of the Multiple Profit Center Concept of Business Brokerage".


Our Comprehensive 5 day (5 FULL DAYS!) Training Program is designed to make you a successful business broker right from the first day you open:

  • Appraising the fair market value of a business
  • Establishing the price
  • Procuring buyers and sellers
  • The techniques of successfully selling a business
  • Preparation of purchase contracts
  • Escrow procedures
  • Advertising businesses for sale
  • Evaluating financial statements
  • How to set up and operate your own office
  • The psychology of successful business brokerage
  • Hiring and Training a salesperson
  • Office policies and procedures
  • Applicable accounting principals
  • Legal techniques and relevant terminology
  • Understanding and using the appropriate forms
  • Advertising - general, marketing, newspaper, magazines
    and much more!

Our training facility is located in our Corporate Headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. We do have an optional training program that we will conduct in your home city for an additional fee.

EMPIRE Business Brokers will train new agents from your office as your office continues to prosper and grow. This training is provided free of charge at our Buffalo Headquarters.

You will continue to sharpen your skills by consulting with our highly trained staff on our EMPIRE Business Brokers line listed below.

Our annual National Convention provides additional training through seminars & lectures.

Q: Will I have an exclusive area?
A: EMPIRE will not appoint another person whom we believe would be competing with you, since to do so could diminish your profits by increasing overhead within an area, and we make our money by keeping you as profitable as possible.

Q: What type of overhead will I have to start a business brokerage?
A: Your overhead costs will be determined by your decision to operate your office as a home-based Business (where your costs are negligible) or from rented commercial office space:


  • 2 Telephone lines.
  • Answering Machine.
  • Fax Machine - Copy Machine - Computer. 
  • Printed Material/Stationery and Newspaper Advertising.
  • COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE: In addition to Items listed above, 
    you will also need:
  • Lease Office Space.
  • Lease/Purchase Office Furniture.