At EMPIRE we concentrate in finding you a business that you like and feel comfortable operating. You as any other potential business buyer, have the vision of being your own boss and making your own decisions. A business should correspond to your vision so that you can be successful.

Why are businesses sold? 
Contrary to what many people believe, businesses aren't sold just because they are losing money. There are very legitimate reasons why a business owner might want to sell. Some of these are: 

  • Worrisome exposure to business risks often aggravated by personal guarantee loans.
  • Tired of, or bored with the business.
  • Possible failure of the business if one or more owners become seriously ill or disabled.
  • Personal preference of the owners to retire or simply change their lifestyle.
  • Divorce or dissolution of partnership. 
  • Owner's desire to pursue other business interests which may be more challenging or less stressful.
  • Lack of sufficient working capital.
  • A need within the company for new skills, new resources, or a new philosophy to cope with ever changing economic forces, government regulations and competition.

    Worldwide, businesses change hands every 5 years on average.

What types of business formats can I consider for having my own business?

  • On-going businesses. Which are companies that are functioning and have an operating history. 
  • Franchises. Which have a defined business format that you can acquire. There are four types of franchise formats: Individual Franchise, Multiple Franchise, Regional Franchise, and International Master Franchise.
  • Business Opportunities. In which you will not pay a royalty for operation, and will be entitled to an initial support in equipment, trademark or business systems, as in the case of distributions.
  • At EMPIRE we have identified 42 business categories with over 100 sub-categories, which you can consult on this website. EMPIRE continually updates its business listings in order to offer buyers and future entrepreneurs options that best suits there tastes and preferences, as well as their investment possibilities
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